Srijan Digital Arts is Organizing Free Training Program for 2D Animation students from 1st June 2015.
1st June 2015
Srijan Digital Arts is going to start flash based 2D Animation training program from 1st June 2015. This is the best opportunity for those who wants to make their career in a field of 2D animation; during this training program students will learn the tools & techniques of 2D animation. For more details visit our training page.
To cherish Childhood Memories, we have started a New Segment in our Facebook channel called “School Days”.
10 Feb 2015
Our new segment “School Days”, will take you down to the memories lane of your childhood, to cherish the precious moments of your life with your friends and family, join us on our Facebook page. Share school days stories e.g. (classroom pranks, first love, crush on your favorite teacher, etc) with us and encourage our team to continue making the beautiful illustrations.
Our 2D animated film “Ramayan-The Epic War” got selected for special screening at Filmkari film festival by the honorable jury members.
22 Feb. 2014
We are proud to announce, our 2D short animated film “Ramayan-The Epic War” has been short listed for special screening at Filmkari Film festival organized by Saakar Production at Sageet Natya Kala Academy Lucknow. Afterwards Srijan has done a small workshop on 2D animation basic points and one on one discussion with the students about the making of Ramayana.
Srijan Digital Arts has got opportunity to judge “Minimal Poster” & “Custom Brush” competition organized by Alcheringa Fest at IIT Guwahati campus.
28 Jan 2014
Srijan Digital Arts has got the opportunity to judge Minimal Poster and Custom Brush competition by Alcheringa Fest at IIT Guwahati campus, and short listed some of the brilliant artist among 30 participants.
To aware people about their voting rights we have created four Animated Video’s.
18 Jan 2014
Looking at today’s scenario, where people take voting day as a holiday and don’t pay much attention to their voting rights, busy youth who might not have the value of voting but spending maximum time on social networking for fun, we prepared some videos which encourage them to cast their votes to make our country a super power. We have also spread awareness about the new option in voting system called “NOTA”.
We have participated in a campaign “Justice for Damini” through our 2D animated video
18 Jan 2013
December 16th 2012
A black day in Indian history
One medical student had been raped in the capital Delhi by some brutal people and they even tried to kill her. The day turns out to be more shameful on humanity, when the girl and her friend were thrown out off the bus in a state of undressed and they were lying on the road for several hours. People came and went away without helping them. If any one would have taken initiative for there help the story would have been different and DAMINI would have been alive and she would have also join the fight against justice for her and for many other victims like her. We salute those who started this fight to get justice and to improve law. We also think that there should be a strong law punishment which makes the culprits to think twice before doing such thing.
We are supporting "THE FIGHT FOR DAMINI JUSTICE" and hope you all are with us in this journey.