Fun Task Trick
Crane & Crab
The Crane & The Crab (E-Book)  
The Story is about an old and smart crane who make a plan to over come from starvation. He told the creatures of the pond that human are going to drain the pond and he is worried about them.
Lion & Rabbit
The Lion & The Rabbit (E-Book)  
The Story is about an intelligent rabbit and a powerful lion. In a jungle there lived a powerful lion who often used to hunt down innocent animals to fill his hunger, and one day intelligence win over power...
E Card (with source code)  
Enjoy animated E-card and customized with source file. Now you can send, modify and learn with free flash FLA files as well.
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Ramayana The Epic
Ramayana The Epic
watch short 2d flash Animated story of The Great Hindu Epic "RAMAYANA"..