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Ramayan - The Epic
Ramayana The Epic
watch short 2d flash Animated story of The Great Hindu Epic "RAMAYANA"..
The Door  

Short 2d flash Animated story of a common man name "JOE" and "The Door".

After a tiring day at office a man returns back to his place with a very high toilet pressure. He bangs his door alomost scares his pet cat who was taking a nap and jumps out of its sleep, with a hush-hush he runs to the toilet door, he tried to pull the toilet door as hard as possible but fails, after few attempts he gets an idea of opening it with somthing else he tried driller, hammer, puller even trowing up some heavy weights on the door nothing works out and fails to get successful, his pressure is now getting really high and reaches to a point where he cannot hold back and he passes motion in his pants with a bad smell allover the room his cat makes a disgussed look but for man it was now time to take a relife breath slowly he moves towards the door and keep his hand on the door it gets open easily "inwards".