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Ramayana The Epic  

Short 2d flash Animated story of The Great Hindu Epic "RAMAYANA". We have cover only main parts of the epic just to show why we celebrate "dussehra" and "Deepaveli".

About Ramayana-The Epic
The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic of hindus. This Epic was originally written by Valmiki, which consists of 24,000 sanskrit slokas in seven cantos called Kandas (Bala Kanda, Ayodhya Kanda, Aranya kanda, Kishkindha kanda, Sundara kanda, Youddha kanda, Uttara kanda). The Ramayana is one of the two great epics of India, the other being the Mahabharata. The Ramayana is the story of a prince, Rama of Ayodhya, whose wife Sita was kidnapped by the Rakshasa (demon) king of Lanka, Ravana, which triggered the great Epic war between the monkey and the demon armies of Rama and Ravana, respectively.

The Story (In short)
King of Ayodhya Raja Dashratha has three Queens - Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi and four princes Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna. One day King Dashratha is reminded by Kaikeyi about the two boons he has yet to fulfill for her, as she had saved him from the demons during a battle. Dashratha is gratified to fulfill those boons. Kaikeyi demands that her son Bharata be crowned the king instead of elder brother Rama and Rama should be sent to the forest for fourteen years. Poor King could not do any thing and dishearten, he agreed for the boons. Next day Rama with his Wife Sita and brother Lakshmana moved to the jungle (forest). After Rama's departure, king Dasharatha, unable to bear the pain, and passes away, and Bharata who was on a visit to his maternal uncle, refuses to become the king and visits Rama in the jungle. He appeals Rama to return and rule. But Rama, wants to obey his father's orders, and refuses to return before the period. However, Bharata carries Rama's sandals, and keeps them on the throne, while he rules as Rama's regent.

In the Journey Rama, Sita and Lakshmana built their cottage near the bank of river Godavari in Panchavati Jungle. In the jungle a rakshasa woman, Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana falls in love with Rama and wants to kill sita, so Lakshmana cut her nose and ears. Ravana then decided to take revenge with Rama by capturing Sita with the help of the rakshasa Maricha. Maricha attractes Site by transforming in to a golden deer. Attracted by the beauty of the deer, Sita pleads with Rama to capture it. Rama, aware of the play plotted by demons, is unable to dissuade Sita from her desire and chases the deer into the jungle, leaving Sita under Lakshmana's guard. After sometime Sita hears Rama calling out to her name. She insists that Lakshmana rush to his help. Lakshmana draw a line around the cottage and ask Sita not to come out of it. As Lakshmana leave the cottage, with the coast clear, Ravana appears in the guise of an ascetic requesting Sita's hospitality. Unaware of the devious plan of her guest, Sita then forcibly carried away by the evil Ravana. The Jatayu, a vulture, who tries to rescue Sita, but is mortally wounded. Rama and Lakshmana learn about Sita's abduction from Jatayu, and immediately set out to save her.

During their search, they meet with Sugriva and Hanuman in Kishkindha. Rama and Lakshmana helps Sugrive in regaining the kingdom of Kiskindha by killing his elder brother Vali , in exchange Sugrive help Rama to recover Sita. Sugriva sends search parties to the four corners of the earth, but did not get any good news until a search party under the leadership of Angad and Hanuman learns from a vulture named Sampati that Sita was taken to Lanka. Hanumana Flew across the sea to the lanka and discovered Sita in Ashoka Vatika. He ask Sita that he will take her back, but Sita refused and asked for Rama to come and take her away.

Hanumana destroyed trees and killed many warriors of Ravana and  He allows himself to be captured and produced before Ravana. He gives a Strong lecture to Ravana to release Sita. Ravana then ordered to burn his tail as a punishment, but Hanumana with his fiery tail jumped from roof to another and set fire to whole Lanka-The city of gold. After returning from Lanka Hanumana told Rama about Sita's presence in lanka,and Rama decided to fight battle with Ravana.

The monkey army of Rama set for the battle. Monkey named Nal and Neel constructed the flooting bridge(Ram setu) across the sea to Lanka. Ravana brother Vibhishana join Rama. Rama with his army marched towards Lanka.

The lengthy Battle begins, thousands of rakshasa warriors were killed and at the last it was Rama & Ravana fighting. After many attackes Rama find that Ravana is not easy to kill, then ravana brother Vibhishana told Rama to aim Ravana's navel and Rama did so. Finally Ravana was killed. Rama meet Sita.

Fourteen Year of Jungle life is over now and Rama, Sita and Lakshmana went back to their Kingdom Ayodhya. On the arrival of their prince people of ayodhya rejoice with happiness and enlighten their houses and celebrates Festival of light "Deepawali" or "Diwali". Rama is Now The King of Ayodhya.

The killing of Ravana is celebrated as the festival of "Dussehra" or "Vijayadashami". People now a days play "Ramlila"(story of Rama) and make Mannequin of Ravana and his brother Meghnatha and Kumbhakarna and burn them with Fire works.  The day also marks the victory of Goddess "Durga" over the demons "Mahishasur" the demon.