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Ebook - Lion & Rabbit - Panchtantra Story
The Lion & The Rabbit  

The Panchatantra is an ancient Indian collection of animal fables in verse and prose, in a frame story format. The original stories are in Sanskrit, and believe to be composed in 3rd century BCE, is attributed to Vishnu Sharma.

The Story is about an intelligent rabbit and a powerful lion. In a jungle there lived a powerful lion who often used to hunt down innocent animals to fill his hunger, and one day intelligence win over power. Everyday the animals think, how to stop lion from killing them. The intelligent rabbit gets a plan to get rid of the brutal lion

Interactive flip book are for children. Children can also listen the karaoke and use many tools like Spot Light, Zoom In & Zoom Out, Pencil, Highlighter. Children can also view Animated story by clicking animation button on top menu bar and pictures in every page.


These E-book is a test. Please suggest any thing that you like to add or subtract in it, so that we can brought more story E-book.