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Ramayan - The Epic
Ramayana The Epic
watch short 2d flash Animated story of The Great Hindu Epic "RAMAYANA"..
Lucky Butt's -Happy New Year (2012)  

Short 2d flash Animated story/greeting "New Year 2012 with Lucky butt"

On the new year Eve lucky butt was walking down the market lane where he saw a hot chic in a red dress passing by him, lucky's eyes were stuck on the chic. He bangs on a tree and falls on the street with his hand he rubs his head and saw a board which reads "New year celebration in a hot air balloon get 50% off" he smiles and plan to take his girlfriend. In a hot balloon just he and his beloved girlfriend sitting and enjoying the high view stars and clouds moving around them, lucky pours drink into his glass and then for his girlfriend by 00:00 hrs they cheers to eachother, fireworks started spreading lights and suddenly one rocket which hit inside their balloon and bust. Lucky holding his scared girlfriend in his arms swinging in the parachute to land down.