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Ramayan - The Epic
Ramayana The Epic
watch short 2d flash Animated story of The Great Hindu Epic "RAMAYANA"..
Lucky Butt - My First Date  

Short 2d flash Animated story "My first date"

One morning Lucky Butt gets up in a lazy mood, after fresh n up he goes to his wardrobe, his eye balls moves to the calender showing date 14th feb, his eyes get wide with exictement. He gets ready to celebrate valentine's day with his girlfriend. He comes to his window and saw black clouds outside, he gets angry on the clouds and warns. The naughty cloud decided to punish lucky butt for his rude behaviour. After fighting with naughty cloud, lucky butt finally get into the taxi and moves to his girlfriend. He reach to the restaurant where his girlfriend was waiting for him. He was happy to see her and get off from the taxi, when he approches to his girlfriend the taxi drenched him with mud.The Lucky Butt who is actually not that lucky!